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Call Centres

SA Call Centres has extensive experience in developing call centres. Our innovative business model consists of the following build components:

SA Call Centres' innovative business model

We can assist you to design, build and operate your call centre along the principles of starting fresh and building a new centre or reengineering your existing call centre to take advantage of new innovations in processes and technologies, or to move in a direction that better supports your business goals.

Because of our experience of working with so many different clients, both locally and internationally, we are able to present you with many options, the benefits and risks of each, and allow you to select the best for your business. SA Call Centres will manage your project through to implementation. We will also ensure the benefits of the project are continuously measured and improvements are regularly recommended to ensure the goals and objectives of the project are achieved.

Achieving and maintaining consistently high service levels is often the primary purpose of the call centre. Defining the service levels correctly is crucial to ensure that the right measures are put in place, that the right behaviour is displayed by all staff (both frontline and support staff) and the right outcomes are achieved. SA Call Centres has developed expertise in this field and will assist you to ensure the following areas are set up appropriately and the right measures are deployed:

Our services include: