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Organisational Design

Organisational Design is the process of configuring people's jobs to achieve the business strategy by implementing the right processes, structures, systems and people management practices into these jobs. It is only through effective organisational design that we can be sure that every job in the business is contributing meaningfully towards the business strategy. SA Call Centres uses Organisation Design to design and implement your business infrastructure (structure, governance, culture) and the roles, jobs, competencies (skills, measures, behaviours) that are required to support your strategic business goals and objectives.


This session sets the scope for the rest of the detailed analysis that needs to follow – it identifies the sub-projects and the scope of work involved to bring about the changes required.

By mapping all the processes and identifying areas to improve or reengineer, the business has a very detailed view of the value chain, the areas responsible and the delivery and support for each product. The deliverables from this stage are the Business Case and Business Requirements Specification for each sub-project. We will prepare an Investment Schedule and a Change Management Communication Plan following from this stage.

We believe that every business is different, so matching like for like can be very tricky and requires business industry insight to normalise the data to produce meaningful information. Our benchmarking surveys are typically aimed at assisting you to assess your production costs, servicing costs, service levels, salary surveys, and operational costs – all necessary to determine your competiveness in the market.

The job analysis and design involves identifying all the necessary duties and responsibilities of the job – lifted from the Business Process Mapping and Design – and documenting these using the Balanced Scorecard methodology of four priorities to measure. We will insist that the job is specific and measurable and all our measures are done on Outcomes Based Measures (OBM) – meaning that every task or responsibility needs to have a measurable outcome that is of value to the business. The deliverable from this stage is a job specification spelling out the Key Performance indicators (KPI's), the measures used and deliverables for each role in the business.

At SA Call Centres we believe that feedback should take the form of both informal and formal – informal taking the form of coaching and short business discussions; and formal feedback taking the form of an appraisal of the job. During this stage we will design the performance management process for the company and ensure that every employee has regular feedback sessions and is appraised at least twice a year. The deliverables from this stage are the feedback processes, appraisal process and appraisal forms.

Fairness and equity play a very important role in ensuring that staff see their contribution in relation to others and understand the differences. SA Call Centres also believes that every job should have a balance between fixed and variable pay and some benefits – we will assist you to find the balance and implement the changes effectively. The deliverable for this stage is the Compensation Strategy detailing the levels throughout the company to ensure effective communication of remuneration and reward.

We will assist you to set your recruitment philosophy and to structure your recruitment goals and priorities. We will also assist you with your recruitment scheduling and planning to ensure that the company strategy is effectively implemented by hiring the right staff at the right time. The deliverable from this stage is a Recruitment Strategy with a detailed schedule and action plan to meet the deadlines for the company.

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